Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bye Bye Beige....Hello Beach!

 Well it may have taken me almost ONE year, but I can now happily say that I have painted the entire house! That's right 3 floors, over 2000 square feet and two 5 gallon buckets of paint later...I am done!

The last and final room in the house to be painted was the basement bathroom. My daughters second birthday party was coming up and we were holding it in the basement, so an unfinished bathroom simply wouldn't do! 

Here it is on the day we moved in. So blah.

For some strange reason I dreaded painting this room. Maybe because it was the last room left? I don't know, but I did! I actually sent a text to my mom saying "Forcing myself to paint the basement bathroom". Little did I know this would be my favorite makeover! 

Here is the opposite side of the room:

 And the glorious loo... 

 This room had so many scratches it looked like a cat tried to climb the walls! 
 By the time I filled everything in with DAP it looked like my bathroom had chicken pox covered in calamine lotion! (ohh that brings back memories)

I painted the room with our lovely grey that we had chosen to do the entire house in. Then taped off one wall to add a bit of pizazz with a few stripes.

Here are the stripes after their first coat of teal (or as my 5 year old niece would call it "aqua marine"...excuuuussee meee!)

Here is the wall of stripes complete (OK some spots are still drying..have I ever mentioned I'm impatient?)

I did quite a few DIY projects for this makeover and it was so fun! Here are some old frames I had lying around in my stash and I decided to spray them all white for the accent wall. 

Just what this wall needed. 

Next for some decor. I picked up this little plate stand last summer for free! Gold and forest green are not really my colors but with a little spray paint....

It became the perfect display for our handpicked, keepsake, seashells! The top layer is some shells from our honeymoon in Barbados and the second plate holds shells that we picked with our daughter last year on Miami's South Beach. 

We also picked these shells while snorkeling on our honeymoon. When we got back I started gluing them to a frame and then...shoved it in a drawer...that was 3 1/2 years ago. With our new beach theme underway I had the perfect spot to put it! Typed up a little quote and TA-DA...sentimental beach art!  

 We also brought back sand from our honeymoon (crazy people or what?) Up until now it was all poured in a bowl, on a high shelf, never seen! I love that we now have a place to display it and can revisit memories every time we see them.

I had this soap dispenser hanging around and this ball of jute...well what better to do then combine them right?!?!

Look at how cute this combination is now!

And here is the finished bathroom:

I made a sign for the room as well. This is actually how far Miami's South Beach is from where I live...5194KM. My daydreams are in for quite the journey!

 The only things I bought for this ENTIRE makeover was this blue towel at $3.97 and a set of 3 sea shell candle holders (not pictured) for $5. So all in all not a bad makeover for $8.97 huh? 

It may be a bathroom but it is my new favorite room in the house.  

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