Sunday, 23 March 2014

Making Over A Vintage Caddy

 Today I bring you this little wooden shelf. 

I found it during one of my treasure hunts out of town! Super cute but it needed an update.

The makeover came with time and layers and in the end I am so glad it did. 

First the primer...

Then a red...

 I wasn't sure where I wanted to go from there so I put it away...for a YEAR!! 
Wow does it take anyone else that long to get inspiration for a piece? 

Finally I had an idea and the perfect color for it, so here we go. 
We're back in action.

I lightly distressed the drawers and then finished them with dark wax - here they are before the wax. 

The body was covered in a powder blue and then also distressed and sealed with dark wax. I love the way all the gorgeous layers show through. 

A hand painted star added that extra rustic charm.

Here is a before and after for you...

Until next time;

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  1. Great transformation! Love the red peeking under the blue and the star detail!
    Lucy @ Patina Paradise

    1. Thank you Lucy!! Im glad you enjoyed the makeover!


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