Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I Had A Little Hutch

Welcome back! 
Lets look at todays sad rescue. 
Well not todays; I actually got it about a week ago and have been working on it for the past few days, finally finishing last night.

A sad tired little hutch. 
 BUT solid wood! Woo Hoo! 

You cant have a solid wood piece and not stain some! Am I right? Gotta let that beautiful wood show off a little. 
First I started by stripping and then sanding down the drawer and doors. 
Next they each got two coats of new stain. 

The hutch got a few good coats of a light grey, here she is mid-process. 

Once the grey was complete the inside of the cupboard got the start of a teal coat. 
 The back side of each door as well as the drawer got the same teal. 

You may have noticed the original hardware was oversized wooden knobs. 
That would not do for this new look. 
I brought out some small gold knobs and sprayed them with my hammered metal paint. 

She was missing a shelf. So I went to my local hardware store and had them cut a piece of wood to fit perfectly. 
 This too got a coat of stain.

Once the entire piece was dry, distressed and waxed I put her back together! 

Here is one more Before and After:

I love the feeling after finishing a piece of furniture. Like its been given a new chance at life, its been saved and now it deserves to shine. 

Shine on little hutch, shine on. 

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