Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bathtub Make Over

Wow! Where did the time go? I cant believe its been so long since my last post. Well I guess I have an excuse and I will fully blame it on .... SNOW! Ugh is it spring yet?? Having snow come in October and no heated Garage makes it very hard to re purpose anything in the winter! However....I did do a few things around the house!! Here is one of those things:

We moved into a beautiful home this past summer as you may recall from previous posts. I am constantly trying to turn this place from a builders generic to our fun, full of personality, anything but ordinary, modern yet chic home!  Wow that's a task! So exhibit {A} here we have our very boring bath tub: 

This is the day we moved in...BORING!

Here is is after the walls have been painted and a little artwork up...getting better...

 Just in case you don't fully get how boring this tile is a close up!  

And here it is after a few days of hard work and a paint brush....that's right...PAINT!

 Here is an overview of the bathroom coming together! Painted the walls & the tub tile, sewed up some curtains, added some artwork and accessories and its starting to feel like US


  1. What type of paint did you use to paint the tiles, and what technique did you use. I have ugly tiles around my tub like this too, and love what you did to yours.

  2. Thank you!! I used a rust paint for metals. It stinks out your house for a couple of days, if you have a window in the bathroom i would recommend leaving it open if possible. I ust used a brush and did two coats it covers very well! Hope this helps!


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