Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hand Painted Wall Mural

This project had its way of making life more difficult then I would have chosen. It was stubborn every step of the way! But now that it is over I am glad I stuck it out and saw it through to the end, even if it did give me several chances to throw in the towel. 

Well here we are. My toddlers bedroom on the day we moved in:

As soon as we moved in I knew I wanted to paint a tree mural on her wall and I had a brilliant plan! I would borrow an overhead projector and project my image on the wall, trace it out, paint it...BAM mural owned! Well... the projector was broken.  

OK don't panic we'll just use plan #2 (hubby's great idea) our video camera can project pictures onto walls! Genius, take a picture and project it on the wall...BAM mural owned! Ummmm maybe not... the image wouldn't project big enough. OK on to plan #3...the dreaded last resort plan...FREE HAND IT!! Ohh my! I was nervous! 

 Here is the room when I began. You know how you need a pampers box for out grown clothes, a wipes box for extra hangers, a humidifier and an air purifier right??? OK too much clutter I agree! 

After clearing out the clutter I grabbed my pencil and eraser and started drawing on the walls, I was afraid my daughter was going to come in and think "If mommy can do it I can too", luckily enough my hubby kept her occupied. 

Here is the design after one coat of paint. I thought "Ohh this will only need one more coat and we'll be done" BAM mural owned.....

Well after 2 days, 5 coats of 2 different paints and using numerous kinds of brushes I finally called it quits and said I think its good enough. I do love the thing now that its done! But getting there was a bit of a love-hate relationship.  

Here is the opposite side of her room

Changing station is an old desk I found at an antique shop. 

 Her closet side. The toy box is one that my grandfather made for me when I was a baby. 

She loves her tree and that makes mommy proud!

 BAM...Mural Owned!! 

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