Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Purging

Isn't it crazy what spring makes you want to do? Purge!! 
Are you the same? As soon as the sun peaks through the windows and the snow (if you have snow) starts to melt your in full blown cleaning mode?   I have been putting off so many jobs simply because I didn't want to do the work myself. Like hang that sign that's been sitting out since we moved in 9 months ago! Well today my wonderful mother came over and helped me do all these little things (my hubby is great but just no interest in decorating...can you blame him). My to do list is now that much smaller! Lets see what we did today (wow did that sound like barney to you too? ooops too much toddler TV) On with the show...

First we put up the sticker my mom gave me 2 Christmases ago, I was holding on to it for our new house. 

Then came the sign that had been sitting out for 9 months, it is above our entrance.

 Love this yard sale find (actually the apple baskets are a yard sale find too)

 Then we put up some floating shelves in my daughters nursery, a true reading corner now!

    Then after all of my wonderful mother's help (Thanks mom) she went home and I decided to tackle the cleaning closet with a pinterest inspiration!

Here is the closet before (yes I am showing my mess but hey that makes for a better after right?) 

 OK so the after isn't THAT much better but it only took 5 minutes to straighten it up. I would like to do a bit more but hey lets face it, IT IS a cleaning closet.

 This is where the pinterest idea comes in! A shoe organiser for cleaning products!!! Who would have thought? So smart! Even a few pockets for rags! 

This one is an original idea(I think) Our city recently passed a bylaw where they took out all the plastic bags for our stores (somewhat of a bummer) then I had this bag holder left over, what else to do but fill it with rags!  

Looking forward to a few more Spring Purging days! 

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