Sunday, 24 March 2013

Soap Box

Well it has been a CRAZY week! Word of warning...potty training is not for the faint of heart! Oh boy. 

Well on with the post. 

My mother and father have recently bought an acreage. With the property came an old barn. When they went in the barn they had noticed the family of the old lady that used to live there had left a bunch of stuff in the barn they didn't want to pack up and take with them. I hadn't gotten a chance to get out there myself until this weekend. We had just had a big snow fall so needless to say we didn't spend a whole lot of time picking around but I did manage to bring home a few treasures! I cant wait to go digging around in there this summer. Up on a shelf one of the first things I noticed was an old wooden box. It was dirty, dusty and had a hammer in it. Nothing like I had planned for it! Lets take a look shall we?

 I stripped off the paper on the front, gave it a good sanding and a coat of antique white paint. Then I wrote out some words, painted them and touched it up with a light sanding. Much better. 

Here it sits by my bath. No longer holding a hammer but now some pretty soaps. 

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