Monday, 25 March 2013

Vintage Kids Chair

Yesterday I told you about the barn on my parents acreage where I picked up that cute wooden soap box. Well while I was out there I grabbed whatever my little hands could carry before they froze and rushed back to the vehicle. In that lot I managed to get two vintage lanterns which I brought in and cleaned up (but totally forgot to take pics! woops) I also found an old barrel that is at my mothers currently waiting to be stained for her house. I picked up that wooden box and this....  

An antique kids solid wood chair. This thing is heavy.

 Who knows how many years it sat in that cold dark barn but I knew right away I had to save it! It was dirty and dated but you know that wouldn't last for long right?
With some antique white paint and a little distressing it really cleans up well.

 I loved the look of the visible hardware, not something you see much these days.

 Look at that seat! I love the naturally warn shape of it.

Just one last before and after! 

This little lovely is off to live with a photographer! No more dark and dirty barns for this fella. Only lights, camera & kiddies! 

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