Monday, 29 April 2013

Blue Beauty

Today I am bringing you a very fun makeover! Once again on one of my favorite Facebook pages I was able to score these great chairs.
OK so they are a little dated and have beige velvet padding but I saw the potential! 

I started by popping out the center and I loved them more! 
 Next, off came the seats. The fabric got a change and the foam was super comfy and in great shape so it got some Lysol spray.

I picked up the chairs and the paint on the same day at two different places and times, so naturally they were meant for each other! This is a first for me, I have never painted anything this color blue before. After the first coat went on I was falling in love yet many times can one fall in love with one set of chairs?? Oh hold will fall in love too!

See I told ya! Love at first sight right? 

An elegant scripted fabric adds just the right amount of glam to these beauties!

Here is a quick glance back at the before:
 And the after! Yep pure LOVE!! 

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  1. Shelly I am already wondering what piece I can paint in this color thats how much I love it! Thanks for your comment

  2. No way! I barely recognize them as the same charis. What a fun a nd creative way to re-do them!!!

    Good work, girl!!! Keep ‘em coming… :)

    hugs xx
    Crystelle Boutique


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