Sunday, 28 April 2013

My First Classic Piece

 I read all sorts of blogs and browse through Pinterest when I can for inspiration. It seems everywhere except my town has beautiful, vintage, antique furniture with a huge story behind it, up for sale or on the side of a curb! Maybe it only seems that way because those are the transformations I am drawn to the most?! Well let me tell ya, everything I find seems to be made of press board or laminate AKA fake wood! Don't get me wrong I believe those pieces deserve to be made beautiful again just like any other piece but those pieces don't carry much character

Well my luck changed one day when I spotted this beauty on one of my favorite sites. It was a diamond in the rough and I could see all kinds of potential hiding within it just begging for someone to give it another chance to shine!!

What I didn't really notice about it (until I got it home) were all the great curves! Here are the drawers waiting to be primed.
Here they are after a nice coat of primer. Once they were dry they got 3 coats of white and one coat of wax.

All ready for its makeover!

Once I got down to prime the bottom I got a surprise! The bottom also featured a beautiful curve! So much detail in this piece. 
The hardware was original & brass! That had to go! Not to mention it was missing 2 handles. I dug through my little stash of knobs and brought out these two neon green ones. They would look the best with it once they were all sprayed the same color.  
 Here is the hardware after a quick coat of spray paint in "hammered metal". 

Are you ready for this???? I am SO excited! 
The final product!! How pretty! 

 The hardware looks brand new and accents the piece so well! 
 See that beautiful bottom!!! You couldn't even tell it was there when it was all wood, the white brings out all the great detail. 

One more time...just for fun...lets see where it came from shall we?

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