Thursday, 18 April 2013

Past & Present

 Over the course of the year I have done quite a few projects that I didn't blog about, partially because they aren't significant enough on their own to have a full post and secondly because I just plain forgot. So here they are now, all compiled into one great post of randomness! Be warned...there is a lot of pictures coming your way! 

Here I took some of my daughters old formula cans and stripped them down.

 Then I covered them in scrapbook paper.

Next I printed up some labels and organization cans for the craft room.

Keeping with the craft room theme I will show you my desk makeover next. I was given this computer desk and hutch and it was the perfect fit for the craft room in our old place. It needed some work but I was up to the challenge. 

Here it is after new paint and glaze.
My sister was getting rid of my nieces change table and asked if I wanted it, of COURSE I did! 

With new paint and a fabric liner it made the perfect storage area for fabric and craft supplies. 

Somewhere in my travels I came across this table and lamp...OK it wasn't the most "current piece" but it had potential! 
 After giving the shade a few ruffles and the base a new coat of paint the side table was ready to join the guest room in our new home...which we weren't in yet, I was planning ahead (OK really ahead, but I cant be the only one who gets excited about decorating a new house right?)

Here you can see it in the new guest room. Looking at this picture I now realize I need a little somethin' somethin' above the bed (do I hear another project coming on?) 

I picked this great little bench up at a yard sale a few summers back. It sat around our fire pit (which we never used) as seating until I got a chance to work on it. 

I gave it a few coats of red and I fell in LOVE! It now sits on our new front porch (I will get a recent picture of it this summer) 

Last summer I found this great mirror and cork board and gave it a little bit of character. 

I chose a great red-ish/maroon color and distressed the edges.  
 Then I stenciled on a great year...the year my late grandfather was born. 

And last but not least this is a project I completed this week. I had this great antique shelf and decided to give it a face lift that would really bring out its antique charm. 

I mixed up a custom paint color and gave it a fresh look.
 I distressed the edges and it really came to life! I love this piece. 

Thanks for dropping by today! I hope you enjoyed the post and weren't too overwhelmed with all the pictures! 

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