Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Living Room

 I'm going to try to take you through a mini walk through of our home room by room. Showing off the before and afters of our decorating journey. As I have mentioned before we recently bought a beautiful place but it was your ordinary builders-beige-blah fest, we are daily making our house our home and giving it life and style. 

Here is the living room on the day we got the keys. Those "steps" (as we called them) may look pretty but totally useless for decorating or functionality. I would have to clutter them with candles and trinkets and odds and ends and....well that's NOT my style. Do you see that little cubby to the bottom left of the fireplace??? Yea that's where your TV is supposed to go! Who wants to watch TV looking at the floor? Not I! 

 Here is the other side of the living room looking into the kitchen and dining room.

Here is my husband and our great friend renovating the wall of "stairs".
 The TV area is framed in and plastered. 
 Next comes the new paint color. We have painted the entire house grey and we love it so much more!

 The paint is on and the built in fish tank is installed.
 Here it is with the TV in and the mess cleaned up. We were just waiting on furniture at this point.
 A closer look at the built in fish tank.
Here is the before picture of the fireplace before it got a new paint job.
Here is our living room now!!!! 
 I would like to add some sort of window treatment at some point but for now the vertical blinds will have to do.

 Here is our 1913 piano that we scored for FREE! It needs work both aesthetically and mechanically but we will get there. I am hoping to have it painted this summer. 

Well my husband decided he want to get a new piano soon so we had to get rid of the gorgeous wooden beauty, I was very sad. So for the time being here is the space now with our new collage wall! 

And that concludes the living room tour. I hope you enjoyed this decorating journey. If you have any suggestions that you think I might be able to incorporate into our area I would love to hear them. Thanks for dropping by.  


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