Friday, 12 April 2013

Sign Your Name

Since we moved into our new home last summer I had this project in my mind..stuck there..just waiting to be let out! Well over the past few came to be a reality and no longer a thought. 

I got this painting on line for 1$ the lady said she just wanted it gone, it belonged to her husbands man cave once upon a time. 

It was VERY ugly but the frame was all I really cared about. I knew I would never find a frame that size for $1 anywhere else.

I taped it around the perimeter being sure to include the gold trim in the portion to be painted. That-had-to-go!

After a coat of primer and a coat of crisp white it was time to get personal!

 I traced out our family name in pencil...

And made sure to include the year we were married. Then I took a tiny artist brush and began to fill in my lines. 

Here it is just after the letters have been painted and the tape removed.

And here it hangs in our entry.

This is what you would see if you were looking down over the stairs.

I LOVE it when an idea becomes a reality. Now on to the next project, my mind is full of them.

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