Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vintage Charm

 Good day! Well at least its a good day where I am, I hope its a good day where you are too! 

But how could it not be a good day when you get to complete a makeover? One that took more work then I had bargained for but non the less it was a great feeling to complete the project. 

I saved these puppies from a "furniture funeral" and gave them back some life! That's right..another one of 'those' people who have furniture and decide to toss it! GASP!!! Its a good thing I had on my super hero cape and swooped in to save the day. OK maybe that was all in my head but I really felt like I did a great thing when I saved them. 

I guess at one time or another they had drawers...I found them drawer-less. 

 When I got them home and washed off a layer of grime and dirt with my hot soapy water I noticed the laminate on the back was pealing off. I scraped off the chipped piece and filled it with filler. 
 Then after the filler was dry I sanded it down as even as possible.

I took off the drawer runners and both stands got a coat of primer.

Then they got 3 coats of butter yellow and 2 coats of deep red.

I used this beautiful "French Chocolate Label" image from The Graphics Fairy and hand painted it on.  

I then coated the top with a stain and rubbed it off to antique it.

The top then got waxed and buffed to seal the entire design.

I think they came a pretty long way, from this:
To this:

A little bit of elbow grease, a lot of attention and the right amount of inspiration can go a long way! 


  1. Very nice. I can't stand particle board, but this re-purpose job makes me want to buy all the ugly pieces and make them prettier. haha!

    1. Ha Ha! I know right!! As long as you use a good primer you can turn any particle board piece into something beautiful!


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