Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Tree & An Apple

Have you ever heard of the saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Well when it comes to my mother and I that is exactly how it goes! I've told you a bit about her in previous posts and now I'll share her recent dining room make over! Did I mention we love to paint and we adore change? Our husbands...not so much! They are just happy they don't have to do the work, we can change what we like as long as it requires nothing from them. Just how we like it!

Here are a few pictures of her dining room before. Nothing wrong with it, just time for a change. 

My childhood home is so beautiful and cozy with so much country charm! (the table is not always like this ha,ha just getting ready to paint) 

Here is the other side! You can see a sneak peak of her sampling color choices on the wall.

Here is the after! She went with a deep red, I think it really brings out the wood pieces so well.

            Here is the other side 

I shared yesterday about the sign I had made for her dining room in this post. Here it is in action. 

Now do you remember these chairs I had posted about here? Well after purchasing 2 of the 4 that the nice man had for sale and refinishing them, my mom immediately called me and asked if I could get a hold of the man to see if the other two were still available. Well I did and they were! She took the other two to add to her new dining room (of course they got a makeover too)

Here is what she did with hers! Painted them in an antique white and recovered the seats in a gorgeous fabric! I love the look of them SO much that I cant even put it into words! 

This post has just gotten an UPDATE!!!
A few years back (wow its been that long) I found these chairs on kijiji and wanted to update them. My mom was in need of chairs at her breakfast bar so I gave them to her. She has just given them the most gorgeous make over! 
She painted them in the same antique white as the dining room chairs and covered the seats in the same beautiful fabric. These chairs went from drab-man-cave-bar-stools to 'breakfast at tiffany's' island!

They look great at the breakfast bar!

So as you can see...this apple doesn't fall far from THAT tree! We may have different styles but we LOVE to create! 
I've heard a quote that I absolutely love it says: "Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful."


  1. Very nice.....I liked the yellow wall better than the red, haha, but I am sure after looking at yellow so long that the red was a nice change. I do love the chairs; Very nice refurbishing job. They look great against the red wall too!

    1. Thank you for your comment shelly. Its funny actually because when my mom told my dad she was going to paint the yellow he said "why its so nice! You dont like it?" she said "No I love it and will probably go back to it someday but right now I need a change". I have just updated the post also with 2 more chairs she has just completed for her breakfast bar!!


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