Friday, 5 April 2013

Seeing Signs

 When you do what I do...turn junk into treasure...people are always willing to give you things! Its actually a great perk (unless your my husband who says "More stuff?? where are we going to put it??" He doesn't understand. Once you say no, that item is gone forever! GASP!)

So speaking of cheerful givers; my mom donated once again! She had a few boards laying around that she had once used for shelves but no longer needed, so they my house!

I turned one into a sign for my baby boutique:
 You can visit my boutique here

To return the favour of donating the boards, I made one for my moms new dining room.

 Another turned into a playroom sign:

The last one turned into an antique bath sign.

 This post has just gotten an UPDATE!!

I had one last board that was bigger then the rest. I settled on a color, the font and the words and got to work. When it was all said and done I said "Im keeping it!!" (Do you have that problem when you make things?)

I knew it would go great with my master bath decor!

So thank you Mom, once again for donating to my work! (She always believes in me)


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    1. Thank you Shelly! I try my hardest to reuse items if I can, hate to see things dumped that could have new life.


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