Wednesday, 3 April 2013

All In The Family

If you are a creative person, more then likely there is another creative person in your family...right? Well I am very lucky if that is how it goes! I come from a family of VERY talented people!!!! My mother can sew, paint, build and actually, come to think of it...she can do everything! My brother is an amazing artist and my sister is one crazy cake decorator! My dad can operate a piece of equipment in a way that would make grown men cry. That is just my immediate family! I have a long line of Aunts, Uncles and grandparents who each have their own unique talents. So needless to say I am blessed with the creative gene! 

In light of my family, filled with talented artists I decided to share with you a piece my MOM has done! When we were snooping through their barn a few weeks back we came across this awesome barrel. It was quite dirty but we washed it up...that's the only part I played in this makeover, washing it! Thanks mom for letting me do the boring part! (hehe)

 My wonderful mother then decided to give it a coat of dark stain to enhance the wood.

 Once it was dry she brought it upstairs and put a piece of glass on the top to turn it into a table (brilliant). Here it sits next to her stunning fireplace and wing back chair (that is one of a pair and was found at a farmers market! What a find!!)

Next I'll share a piece I have just finished.  

I was just given this table by a friend who is preparing to move and cleaning out her house. I'll take these gifts any day! 

 She had used the table out on her front deck so it was a little worn and dusty. Nothing a good sanding couldn't take care of. 

My 2 year old picked up my sanding block and immediately started sanding a leg! I was blown away! Needless to say the "creative gene" continues!! 

Golden Oak is not our color so I opted to go with a red. I then distressed it and rubbed the whole piece with a dark gel stain. Once the stain was dry I then waxed and buffed the table.

Here it sits in our entrance. I'm sure it will be the perfect dropping place for keys, mail and sunglasses (if I know my husband at all).

 Here's one more quick before and after!

Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to hear your comments. 


  1. I came over from "Before and After" I just had to check out your red table too. I love it! I think I might re-purpose an end table now. Great post! I will be a new follower! :-)

  2. Happy to have you Shelly!! Ill return the favour and stop by your page, would love to see how your end table turns out!


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