Thursday, 28 March 2013

Two Dressers, One Shot.

 I've been on a roll lately, completing unfinished projects for the toy room that is. 

Last summer I was given 3 separate night stands. Not one of them looked alike but to someone that paints...that doesn't matter! 

I had planned to use them all as storage dressers in my daughters toy room. I managed to get one painted last summer (you can see that one here). The other 2 stayed unpainted and were sitting in the toy room. Ill admit it did bother me that I didn't have the desire to paint them but I am not someone who can paint unless I am fully enjoying what I am painting. So last night I decided to tackle the final two dressers at once.

Here is the first. An Ikea special. Boring.

It got a good sanding, a coat of primer and two coats of neon green. When all that was dry I hand painted some numbers just for fun. 

 Someday soon ill clean up the toy room really well and take pictures of all the new elements in action! (believe me the toy room doesn't always look like this! If you could see the mirror image of this photo you would understand)

After doing the green one I decided she didn't need three dressers in there so I took a different spin on the next one. 

Here is the before. Not in bad shape at all.

After sanding, priming, painting and waxing, the little guy doesn't look so boring!

Soft powder blue on the body, antique white on the drawers and a small touch of distressing makes this piece perfect.

 I can see this one in a cute boys nursery or even a beach theme guest room! Wherever its placed its going to be adorable!  

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