Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Toy Room Shelves

 Last summer I had gone to a yard sale and the lady had these wooden shelves for sale (plus another not pictured) the price wasn't what I wanted to pay so I walked away without them. For some reason she had my number (I must have messaged her for the address or something) but at the end of the day I get a text saying "the shelves didn't sell so they are yours for FREE if you want them"! Ummm..YES please! 

With a little paint they turned out to be great storage and display shelves for my daughters playroom! I still have the last one to paint that I mentioned wasn't pictured. Another project for another day!

This one holds movies next to her TV.

The purple one holds her special stuffies.

The pink one holds some books.

The playroom is coming together.

This post has just gotten an UPDATE! 
Here is the last shelf from the bunch that I had gotten for free that day, it is almost a 3 in one which is perfect because as you can see I have three colors going on in the toy room. 
 Here it is after its new paint job!
I still need to fill her bubblegum dispenser.

I have one more project to complete on this wall...stay tuned for that! 

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