Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Antique School Desk

 At the beginning of last summer (before we moved into our new house) I had gone to a few yard sales. At one yard sale I came across this desk and knew I wanted it badly. The price was a little more then I wanted to pay but when the owner walked over to bargain with me we quickly noticed we had met before at a local market (our tables were side by side). She said she knew that I would take great care of the piece and was happy I wanted to keep it for my daughter so she sold it to me for $20! Here is the little darling before her makeover.

I gave it a full coat of primer and let that dry. Don't you love my work area? My living room! husband loves it too (insert sarcasm) but with a toddler around sometimes it is just not practical to work outside or in the basement. 
Next I gave it a quick coat of an off white and wasn't too particular about the coverage because I wanted this piece to be distressed and look its age. 

Here is the student trying out her new desk right before mommy finished it off with some dark wax! I think she's happy (well happier then she looks in this picture anyway)

And here is the finished piece.

I kept the hardware the exact same and didn't even want to scrub it for a fear that I may take off some of the aging and make it look new again. 

I distressed the seat the most and the dark wax does a great job of showing the 'wear and tear' I love that this desk now looks like it could have been just taken from a 1920's classroom. 
 Here she sits in the playroom right next to the chalkboard. We may have the perfect homework spot in our future...hopefully not too soon though. 


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    1. Hi;
      I just read you blog on this beautiful little piece and I could seee all of your pictures no problem!
      Love what you did an I am sure your little girl will enjoy it for years to come!! Awesome Job!

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know and I'm so glad you loved the makeover.


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