Sunday, 12 May 2013

Little Car Table

 We have had one BUSY month! From trips to sickness, unexpected allergies landing us in emerge and still juggling everyday life I felt like we have been running a marathon.  

I really needed to get working on a bunch of pieces to free up our basement for my daughters second birthday coming up. I'm working my tail off this week trying to get these pieces complete. 

So to get started I dug this cute little table out of my stash and decided it was time for its makeover.
 It had some chips and pealing laminate which I took off and filled in with wood filler.

 After sanding down the filled in pieces I gave it a coat of primer. 
 Next came the boy colors. A race theme.

 When the body was complete I painted a road on the top and sealed it, then painted the checkered flag center. Here is the final product. 
 I think any little tike would love to have this in their bedroom. I may have to hide it from my daughter! 


  1. Very nice! I love this idea of giving a new life to an old table.

  2. :) Appreciate your comment Shelly!


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