Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Old Shirt...New Pants

I haven't shared a sewing makeover in quite some time. Probably because I haven't done one in forever quite some time. 

I love to sew! But as soon as summer hit I couldn't bare to sit inside and sew, not when I could be painting furniture and getting a tan! Or playing at the park with my 2 year old and going for walks and bike rides. You get the picture... Its simply too nice to sew. 

I took a bit of time during my daughters nap just the other day to do this project. 

Here we have my husbands old shirt (I didn't steal it! He gives them to me to make things out of).

First I cut it apart and made a pair of pants. The top band of the pants was too low so I took another t shirt from my stash to make a band from.

By cutting off the bottom of the shirt I was able to save the natural hem. (excuse the horrible pictures)

With a bunch of refitting and sizing I had come up with a shape that worked for me. 

Now they are a new pair of gym pants! 

How's that for thrifty? Why BUY new when you can MAKE new.


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  1. Great idea! Never thought of that but I will now! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley! You should make some they are pretty easy and of course CHEAP! two of my favorite things :)


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