Friday, 7 June 2013

Recycled Organization

I love a simple project. A simple project that costs nothing...even better! 

I don't usually save tin cans but I saw an idea on Pinterest that made me save these two. Good ole' Pinterest makes you want to save everything! 

Here are some supplies you will need for this project:

I actually had this dollar store version of Mod Podge that I decided to use up for this project. I'm not sure how the quality will differ but for home use I'm not too worried. Pour out enough to mix with each color. 
 Mix your paint with your Mog Podge:
 Paint your cans! 
 I opted to cover the sharp edges with this fun Duck Tape. 
 Now we have pretty and functional storage for art supplies

Or Dollies! 

I hope your little ones get some fun storage containers...or even you mom! I can see these working great in an office or craft room! 

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