Monday, 23 December 2013

Our Collage Wall

Hello! It has been a while since my last post. Living in an area where there is snow 6 months of the year makes it hard to paint and repurpose things. I find when fall hits and the cold settles in I lose all drive to paint. 

Today I bring you a little transformation I just finished this week. We had this space in our living room that use to house our piano: 

I was in love with this Piano for the sheer fact that it was 100 years old!! However with age these instruments do not work as they once did, losing tune often and costing money to keep fixing. So we had to part with her, even though she was beautiful!

So now we were left with this space. Usually the Ottoman is still under the window but because it is Christmas and the tree is there it is now moved here for the time being. Looking at this space with one sad picture hanging on the wall made me sad. It needed and deserved something more, it once housed a gorgeous piano after all! (The little toddler adds so much cute factor to the space doesn't it!)  

I completely shopped my home for this project and did not need to purchase one item, just a little paint to spruce them up! Those are the best projects. 

Here is a before of the oval mirror I used, I didn't think about taking pictures of all the other pieces. Just picture a less pretty version of what they are now :) 

Here is our new family collage wall! I love how it turned out. The "B" is actually just cut from cardboard then burlap glued over and painted white! 

We found a piano for my husband once again and the wall is now complete! 

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