Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Vintage Chair

In my spurt of the moment decision to clean out the furnace room and to make room for more clothes that my daughter has outgrown (it is unbelievable how fast kids grow) I decided to paint this chair I had sitting in there since last summer! Yes I am one of those "furniture hoarders"! 

It had great bones and there was really nothing wrong with it but lets be serious, what doesn't look better with a coat of paint? Am I right?     

I gave it a coat of primer and then one coat of a custom mixed blue. I knew I wanted to distress it and I love the look of the white bleeding through so I decided against the second coat of blue. 

I let it dry overnight and distressed it the next day.

With a final coat of dark wax she was ready for her photo shoot! 

I changed the seat fabric to this soft floral and the vintage flare started to come alive!

 Here we are with a final side by side. Now don't you agree, a coat of paint can bring out hidden beauty! 


  1. Love the color you mixed! The chair is completely different and looks awesome!


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