Thursday, 30 January 2014

From Baby Girl to Big Girl!

This week our daughter reached a new milestone; The BIG GIRL ROOM! Yes this mama was a little emotional at times but I tried to focus all of my thoughts on the new decor and design rather then on the fact that my baby is growing up before my eyes. Here come the water works...Ahem...Lets get back to the design shall we?

Are you prepared for a flood of pictures? Good! 

You may have heard me talk about my parents house that has a huge barn, where we store all sorts of goodies and stuff we cant fit in our own homes but don't want to part with all have a barn for that too right? Oh good I thought we were the only ones. Well when they did an external overhaul on the house they took out all these gorgeous handmade wooden not energy efficient Old, windows! And of course stored them in the barn until we could think of enough Pinterest projects for them!  

I was planning on redoing my daughters room and knew I wanted her to have a headboard in her big girl room but living on a budget doesn't always allow for splurges on new furniture. I mentioned the design plans in my head to my mom and she quickly said "What about one of those old windows in the barn?". I believe there was an actual light bulb that turned on above my head just like in the cartoons! Of course we would use an old window! My husband (love his heart) has no desire for design and pretty much lets me do whatever I want no matter how crazy it sounds at first! "Honey can we put an old dirty window on our child's wall for a headboard?" Who would argue with that? ha,ha! The only hang up...the glass panes were still in tact and if you have ever had a two/almost three year old you know a glass headboard would be a licence to the emergency room! 

So our solution, break the glass! Dangerous yes but necessary. 

We tediously pulled out each piece and then vacuumed each glass insert slot just to be safe!  

 Next came the sad task of taking apart the crib! This really showed how big she is getting weather I want to believe it or not. Even with the side off and her safety rail up I could still pretend she was a baby for a little while but now she is my big girl and that is going to take some getting used to.

 After the room was ready I washed, sanded, painted and waxed her window-now-headboard to match her new bookshelf and dresser I completed over the last few months.  

That is her big girl bedroom! She loves it and so do we! I am so glad the vision of the headboard turned out the way I had pictured! 

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