Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Tiny Entrance Update

Hello again! 

Thank you for dropping by. 

Spring is coming and today we had nice warm day. For some strange reason on those days my butt gets kicked into high gear and I'm out looking for things to do. You know...other then cleaning, laundry and dishes. 

I happened to be in my entrance and had an idea! "Lets make over this wall!". I never did like the look of my entrance boot rack wall. The art work was left from our old house -which had a completely different decor scheme then we have chose to do here in our new place. 

They were down too low because I used the screws that were already there from the old owners. The vase and calendar were both something I had gotten off a free site here in town. The little white lantern belonged to my late grandmother and grandfather and I love it! But...with all that said I just didn't LOVE it.

When I thought of what I could put there I knew exactly what I would grab from my stash! 

Last year my sister took these wooden wine racks out of her cupboard and asked if I had any use for them! I didn't know at the time if I could put them to use or not but that never stops me from taking something! I mean its free right? (A trait my husband loves...right hunny?) 

I took advantage of this warm day and brought out my spray paint. 

Looking much better already right? But the more I loved this new modern 3D art work I realized I didn't like the vase anymore. 
It was too..Boring. Boring means "Paint me".
Ahh...much better! 

Now I am in love! And the best part, this makeover cost me... $0!!! 

Lets see one more BEFORE:


Hope you love it too!
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