Sunday, 30 March 2014

It Was Once A Sewing Table

I do not know why it takes me so long to get inspiration to finish start a piece. 
I want every project to be perfect and I don't want to just slap paint on it for the sake of getting it finished quicker. 
However I am well aware that holding onto items for a full year before touching them is slightly ridiculous! That's was just the case here. 

Meet our sad subject:
Once upon a time she was a sewing table. 
 However, her insides were not the prettiest. Someone had put in a make shift board and it was not stable at all. I decided to strip out the insides rather then go into the extensive work of repairing them. 

I flipped the table on its top and screwed the whole thing together securely. 

 The entire piece was covered in two coats of an antique cream paint. 

 I traced out some rectangle shapes on the top and filled them in with a powder blue. 
I chose not to tape them off because I purposely didn't want the lines to be perfect. When I distressed the piece I wanted the age to show through. 

After everything was dried I distressed and waxed it. She instantly aged 25 years! and on furniture that is a wonderful thing...not so much on us ladies though right? ha ha 

 Here is a before and after shot for you.

It feels so good to be finishing up all these projects that have been waiting for so long. But you know what that means right! More space for new projects !! 

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