Thursday, 3 April 2014

Homemade Curtains- On A Budget!

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Today were going to talk curtains. Have you looked at the price of those things lately?? 
I wanted to add curtains to our dining room and decided to look in the catalogue... I nearly had a heart attack!! 
The ones I liked (a nice print that is current and didn't look like it belonged to my great grandmothers couch) was over $60 PER panel!!! Can you believe that?? For my dining room it would have cost me $240 before shipping and that doesn't include rods and tie backs! 

I was discouraged. Who do I call when I am planning a new decorating adventure? Mama, that's who! I called up my mom and she simply says "Well then...order the fabric and make them." DUH!! See that's why I call her.

I have never made curtains before but I went ahead and ordered my fabric anyway. I got it all shipped for around $80!! I cut and measured the length I needed and surged my edges.  

Then when all the sides were sewn in to create a hem I folded down my top portion to make a rod pocket. 

After that I took each panel out to the living room, laid them down flat and made sure they were the same length. Once I had them all the same I sewed in the bottom hem.

My wonderful mom came over to help hang the rods and when my curtains were done I hung them up. I instantly loved the two side windows but not so much the big picture window. 
 See I had only bought the one set of tie backs thinking I would like the look of them hanging on the main window...WRONG! 
Because they didn't go right to the floor it just looked off.  
A few days later I went back to buy the other tie backs. I like them much better now.

 You'll have to excuse the lighting in this picture, It was taken at night so you cant see the beautiful sun peaking through.

I love the fabric choice and all the little accents with the rods and tie backs. The room looks so cozy now.  

Here is a before and after of the room.

I have to say, I am pretty happy with my first attempt at curtains. 

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