Friday, 4 April 2014

A Child Picnic Set

Here is a project I forgot to post from last summer! 

I had acquired this adorable kids outdoor bench, chair and table set. 
You'll have to use your imagination and pretend I didn't forget to take a before picture. Ooops! 
Basically it was light blue with white wooden slats for seats that had peeling paint, blue butterflies and rusted legs. 
Cute right? 

 I dismantled the pieces and grouped them together in piles so I was sure to know where each piece went when it came time to put it back together. 
 Next came the painstaking task of sanding each piece of wood, removing all the chipping white paint. 
 I really liked the color of the metal legs so I decided to wash them down and give them a new fresh coat of a similar blue. 

Don't you love reading blog stories on furniture transformations and in you head your thinking "that probably took an hour only took 5 minutes to read". I'm so guilty of that! Everything seems so easy when its laid out in front of us, picture by picture. But I am going to burst the bubble on this one and tell you this project took a few days to come together. Each board, which felt like a thousand of them had to be coated with stain twice. 

When everything came together it was time for assembly. Boy...look at all those screws and bolts! Each slat had two plus the middle stability track going down the center of each chair. 

Now it' pretty yet natural. All ready for some wee little tea parties in the sun. 

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