Sunday, 6 April 2014

Antique Coffee & End Table Set

Hello! Lets get right to this glorious makeover shall we? 

My mother is in the process of changing her living room decor... If you know her at all there is no surprise reaction in that statement. 

She has had these beautiful antique two tier end tables with matching coffee table for a few years. I have always wanted to paint them but would never ask. My father likes natural wood and does not understand why I am constantly painting over such beautiful furniture. My mother and I just say "Men!".

So during this new decor adventure she sends me a picture and says "Would you want to antique these for me?" I didn't think twice about it, I jumped at the chance. They were going out of town for the week and she dropped them off for me to tackle while she was away. 

 First I started with the end tables.

Here they are after two coats of antique white and waiting to be distressed. 

Bad lighting in the basement but here they are after being distressed and waxed. 

 Next I moved on to the coffee table.

 Each table center had an insert of leather! Very strange in my opinion but when painted it added a nice bit of character. 

After two coats of the antique white and waiting its turn to be distressed. Those curves are really starting to become a main feature!

I broke went into my parents house while they were still away and set up the tables as a surprise. They have a gorgeous living room and these tables just fit the space so perfectly now! 

What do you think of the transformation? Id love to hear you thoughts! 

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