Friday, 11 April 2014

A Dated Jewelry Box

Good evening. 
Tonight I bring you a quick makeover. 
I had this old dated jewelry box that needed a face lift. 
So that's just what it got. 

First I gave it a coat of red and I just wasn't really feeling it. It didn't wow me like I wanted it to so I didn't bother to do any other coat.  

I went right over the red with my charcoal grey. I was liking that much more. 

I decided to distress it and let the red bleed through a little. Then waxed it with dark wax to seal it. 

Just for that little wow factor I covered the sides of each drawer in a pretty paper. 

Here is one more before and after! 


  1. I love your transformation! I see many of these jewelry boxes at thrift stores, but always pass on them because they are so blah. You've inspired me to take a closer look, and maybe pick one up next time, and change it up! Found you via Creative Inspirations. Now following you on Pinterest!

    1. Thank you Doreen! Im glad you were inspired! These little jewelry boxes have so much potential don't they!! I hope you find one to make over!! Thank you for following along!


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