Monday, 14 April 2014

Cupboard Door Makeover: A Look At The Past

Do you want to see my very FIRST ever re purpose project?? 

It was back in 2011 before I knew much about the world of painting furniture but I always loved reading blogs and how-to's and looking at ideas. 

We moved into our first house and it had this painfully tiny kitchen! That was before we ripped out a wall and put in a gorgeous new kitchen, I may blog about it sometime. 

We had these ugly cupboards in our 1980's home. To make them better at the time I decided to stain them. 

 See what I mean by tiny kitchen? Here are the cabinets after being stained. 

Well when we ripped out all the cupboards to make way for the new kitchen we tossed these out on the back deck and expected to dump them. They were in the elements for quite some time and I decided to give one some new life. 

I sanded it down and then used my Zinsser to prime and cover any stains that may bleed through. Then I coated it in a nice crisp white. 

It didn't matter that I had painted the glass because that would be covered.

I had this gorgeous printed drawer lining paper that I decided to use over the glass. The yellow didn't match the colors I needed so I decided to paint them out with some pink and brown paint using an artist brush. 

I painted a wooden letter with my daughters first initial and glued it to the door.  
I added two knobs to act as a place to hang outfits above her change table. 

Here is a picture of it in her nursery at our old house.

It is now on her wall above her big girl dresser here in our new home (I still have to take some pictures of it). I love the idea that a part of our first home has stayed with us into our new home. 

Here is one more before and after. 

My re purpose adventures have come so far since this project but it is always fun to look back at what got you started. 

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