Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Blue Squad- Antique Chair Makeover

I am so excited to share this weeks makeover with you! 
I couldn't wait to pick up these beauty's! 

Four antique chairs with great character. 

Just look at all that detail! 
Sadly it did not stand out or shine, in this dreary brown stain. 

The seats were a whole other issue, a canvas type floral fabric in a hunter green and burgundy that sends me back to my childhood.  

 However under that was another fabric that would send my mother back to her childhood! If there is anything I've learnt with re purposing furniture, its expect anything! 

The chairs got a couple coats of a deep blue, some distressing and some wax.
 The seats got some new pretty fabric! 
 Look at that pretty detail now! 

Here is one last before and after! 

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