Monday, 25 May 2015

A Dining Room Table Makeover

Wow! It has been almost one year right to the day since my last post! You may notice I am a seasonal painter/ blogger but what a year it has been! We have added a new baby girl to our family now making us a family of 4 plus I opened my baby boutique back in July! So now I am a full time working mom (my girls come to work with me). 

Even with all of that going on summer has hit and I've been bit by the painting bug once again! 

Get ready for a ton of pictures.

I have been wanting to update our dining room for a little while now. The table is so blah and has no style what so ever. 
The sideboard I repainted in an antique finish and there is nothing like that in my house...what was I thinking? 
The bar stools are in the way for a counter that is never used. 
So it was time to spruce it up and all on a budget! 
Ready? Lets go! 

The makeover all started when I saw these 2 posts on a few Facebook groups I am in:

I've always wanted a round table and this one was FREE! A great start to staying on budget. 

Then I saw these over sized lamps for $25. The generous lady gave them to me for $20 and they were perfect for my project! 

I took them home and tested them out on the sideboard. I have been looking for lamps to go there but didn't want to pay the $200 plus price tag at the home decor stores. These would do the trick. 
Just not in this condition of course. 

 I went into my furnace room, AKA furniture storage and odds and ends room, I found 2 perfect shades! So yet again...FREE! Now all they need is a little paint. 

As I was spraying them and seeing the transformation happening before my very eyes I actually said "Whoa!!" out loud. 
I am amazed at how well these cleaned up. Like my mother said "from granny's attic to modern chic!". 

Next it was time for the table to be made over. 
Look at how sad it is. 

 We have a new paint retailer in town and I am so tickled! I wanted to try it out for sometime now and what better subject to try it on then this table! 

 I knew to tie the whole look together the sideboard needed a new coat of paint too! 

FAT paint is so nice to work with! Covers great and uses very little for a project! The clear coat dries flat but is so much easier to apply then waxing a piece. I will definitely be using this paint again, I cant wait to try out other colours. 

So here is the finished project! 

And here is a reminder of the sideboard then and now! 

I am so happy with the end result. We still want to find a glass top that we can add to the table for extra durability with two kids but for now we are happy with how it all turned out. 

Here is a budget breakdown: 

Dining Table: Free
Lamps: $20
Shades: Free
Sideboard: Free
Paint & Clear Coat: $58
Total Makeover: $78

I hope you enjoyed the updates! Thanks for stopping by. 

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