Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Creating a Command Center

Lately I've been finding myself more and more frustrated with papers, bills, appointments and junk cluttering up my counter! 
I needed a space where I could write upcoming appointments so that the whole family could see what was happening in advance, hold incoming mail and place to put those random numbers and scraps of paper.

My solution...a command center.    

 If you were to ask anyone who knows me they would tell you I am Mrs.Bargain! 
I hate to pay more for anything than I need to or something I know I can do myself and look just as good. 
So for this project I decided I would collect things rather then head to a store and get them all at once.
I found these two items at a yard sale for around $1 each! Perfect price if you ask me. 

 Then the following week I found this calendar holder at a yard sale for about the same price! Of course all of it would get a little face lift.  

Here is my wall when I first started, pretty boring.

I started by hanging my new items. The bucket was painted black, the cork board painted silver and the calendar holder I painted red on the outside while the inside was done in a chalkboard paint. 

Nice, but Something was still missing.
See those 2 magnets on the side of my fridge? They would do just the trick to finish off this new command center. 

Now lets hope this does what it is intended for and helps me stay organized! 

I hope I've inspired you to try one of your own! 

Until next time;

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