Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hello 90's

Just before I moved, there was a man on my street getting rid of a bunch of items for FREE! I had an idea of what I wanted the decor in the new house to look like and I thought surely I could turn these lamps into something....couldn't I? Well it was worth a shot!

To make matters more perfect I was actually on the way to get these FREE lamp shades when I spotted those FREE lamps!! Tell me that wasn't meant to be...I know right...that never happens! 

After Priming the lamps and giving them a good coat or two of Aqua I also painted the lamp shades!! Your mind was just blown wasn't it! Who knew it was even possible?? Not I! They were free and I thought hey I have nothing to loose! 

The black was great but they lacked a little something! So I drew up a quick stencil and cut it out. Then I sprayed over my shades with the blue!

Now they are simply perfect!! 

P.S. - Don't mind the napkin...I was so excited to see them in the room that I had to sit them on a napkin for fear of the paint not being 100% cure and going on my night stands.....then we'd have another project on our hands bummer and we wouldn't want that would we :)

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